Bio-Targeted Facials


Signature Bio-Targeted Facial $80

This facial is a specific treatment that is designed to bio-target the individual needs of each client. We combine new world bio-technology with healing techniques to promote wellness, balancing cleansing from the inside out and improve the appearance of the individual's skin.

Advanced Bio-Targeted Facial $110

 This facial is the Signature Facial combined with deeper cleansing and exfoliatiion of the skin and includes a powerful peeling mask. The Mask will be targeted to treat your individual skin needs.

Super Advanced Bio-Targeted Facial $160

This Facial is the advanced facial, combining it with a bio-targeted chemical peel, giving you a facial and a peel in one. This treatment is the fast track to the new you.

Bio-Targeted Oxygen Facial $125

This facial is designed to replenish the levels of oxygen in your skin, smoothing out wrinkles and restoring a youthful appearance. Pressurized oxygen bubble infuses hyaluronic acid and corrective serums in the the deepest layers of the skin. Benefits include Collagen production, detoxes the skin, speeds cell turnover and helps healing of the skin.

Lunchtime (Express) Facial $50

This facial is the Signature facial in a condensed version. Designed for the woman on the go, you will experience the benefits of the Signature facial, but keeping your day on track.  This service takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

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